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Our Story

Where our story began…

We’ve all heard stories, legends, tales, prophecies even, of a time long before our own…These stories if not retold or remembered will fall to the test of time, it is our goal to make sure that theses stories remain a keystone of our history and cultural advancement! What started as a simple project of creating original works of art turned into a mission to bring to life a modern yet as accurate as possible take on various Mythologies! Our company was founded May 1st, 2017 by Jacob Rippee who had the idea to recreate mythological and historical stories in art form while trying to remain true to their literal counter part. While sometimes subtle things such as the color of something is changed due to colors clashing, we pride ourselves in bringing one of the most accurate representations to each design as possible! What started out as an idea for a Norse Mythology clothing brand quickly expanded to many diverse and cultural mythologies. With many more mythologies planned to be introduced in the future while we continue to strive to add more designs in each one! Each design is meticulously thought out and planned to add as much detail as possible to give justice to each character and scene. It is our hopes to keep these stories alive till the end of time. To help tell the stories of these amazing legends every shirt comes with what we like to call a “Lore Card,” a descriptive card that describes the scene and tells you more about the God, Hero, or Monster!


Lore Card's

Every single one of our order's comes with what we call a "lore card," it is essentially a card that will have the corresponding design of the design you chose on the front, on the back of the card it will have its corresponding sleeve design as well as a detailed description of the God, Hero, Monster, etc. happening on the front of the card! We pride ourselves in keeping these ancient stories as accurately as possible to their literal counterparts! However in some cases we change the color's of their original description to prevent colors from clashing! These were created for those who like collectibles as well as to educate people on various cultural and mythological stories! Holographic version of the design are randomly sent out, if you're fortunate enough to receive a holographic version it will also include a one time  generated code within where you will receive your next order total 50% off!(Limited 10 shirt's max inside cart!)