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Our Shirts

Built to last!

While most other brands designs will fade over a short time or washes, we have extensively tested our designs! Our machines are cleaned thoroughly every day to prevent build up of ink and residue so your shirt will hold true to its color and size without design flaking like you would experience with screen printing designs! Unlike screen printing where it will feel like you're wearing a weighted vest our designs will feel as if they're part of your shirt! Though few exceptions arise depending on the complexity of the design, we guarantee they will feel far more comfortable than traditional and cheaply made screen prints! Though the products are very strong and will with stand scratches and damage, we do not advise purposely scratching or attempting to remove the design! To get the best out of your shirt it is always advised to wash them inside out! This protects the designs for even longer than they normally are protected no matter how many times you have to wash it! We use only the top premium shirts made directly in the USA that money can buy sparing no expense in creating a brand we know you will fall in love with!


All of our inks and solutions are eco-friendly and disposed of properly! Our custom branded bags are made from 100% eco-friendly recycled content as are fully recyclable themselves! 

Crisp feeling!

When you first get your shirt though it is a case by case basis you may notice a "crisp" feeling! This is due to the pretreatment process used in order to get the design onto the garment and heat pressing it! After your first initial wash this "crisp" feeling and any pretreatment not under the design will wash off instantly removing this feeling! We make sure to pretreat areas we're creating designs on very thoroughly to make sure the print comes out perfect!