10 new designs launching soon! Newest Collection to be revealed soon as well!


Is email the only way to contact you?

Unfortunately being a self start up business that we are, our only means of contact at this time is through email. But rest assured we’re very responsive and are currently working on expanding our customer service means of contact!

Can I be refunded just, well…to be refunded?

Yes! This does however involve a catch! Your piece of clothing must be returned in its original packaging, it must be unworn, undamaged, and unwashed! This also must be done within a 14 day period! You pay Shipping & Handling! You will be refunded as soon as we receive the piece of clothing!

I ordered the wrong sized clothing, can I get the correct size?

Of course! Simply mail back your shirt in its original packaging and shoot us an email or leave a letter telling us the proper size you require! The shirt must be unworn, undamaged, and unwashed! You must however pay Shipping & Handling to send back and receive! This must be done within a 14 day period as well!

How quickly does my shirt arrive when I order it?

We send out all our shirts through priority mail! You should be receiving your shirt within 1-3 business days of your order! However orders after 1pm will not count as 1 business day!

My order is taking longer than expected?

We understand you’re excited to receive your new piece of clothing! We strive for the best customer service possible as well as shipping our shirts at exceptionally quick speeds! If your order has not arrived please contact us so we can find out what the issue is! Factors such as the day you ordered such as a Saturday afternoon or Holidays will affect delivery by 1-3 days depending on their circumstances! We also expect massive influx of orders at launch so if their is a delay due to this will be announce it as soon as we expect said delay on our Facebook page!

What is our Featured Charity Page?

Essentially our "Featured Charity Page" is a section where we will select a design to donate 100% of the profits we make from it to a selected Charity for a week at the minimum until we remove it! Charities will be re-added if removed during certain periods! 

Do you have discounts for Active Duty/Veterans and Law Enforcement?

Yes! Both Active Duty, Veterans, and Law Enforcement receive a 30% discount on all purchases! Simply scroll down on our homepage and pick your corresponding service and go through our verification process to confirm your identity! A one time use code will be generated each time you verify who you are! Each time a code is verified their is a cost to us, one we are more than happy to pay, however if someone is seen generating multiple codes and not using them regularly they will unfortunately be banned from our system!